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Since 2007, SmartTargeting has helped thousands of agents increase their volume of real estate listings and build a stronger brand in their market area.
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"We love SmartZip. At 748% ROI, it’s our #1 online lead source, accounting for 29 closings in 2016. SmartZip WORKS for any agent who is willing to put in the work.”

Lance Loken, Houston, TX

"My number of listings as a result of SmartTargeting increased from 4 in my first year to 17 in my second year. This huge jump in success forced me to hire an assistant! Just one of the reasons I love SmartZip!"

Dana Hall-Bradley, Celebration, FL

"We talk a lot about the marketing and how easy it is to set up. We love the selection of postcards and what a positive effect it has had on our homeowners."

Anthony Manzon, Chula Vista, CA

"I would definitely recommend SmartTargeting to any agent who asks me about it. If you are truly focusing on listings you need to narrow your focus to ensure your money is well spent. SmartTargeting’s suite of prospecting tools helps agents market smarter as long as they are proactive and use the tools."

Christian Fraser, Franklin, TN

"I have seen amazing results since implementing SmartTargeting into my business. In my first year with the program I was able to close 10 listings! I love that SmartTargeting helps me nurture clients until they are ready to list."

Barbara Carter, New Platz, NY

"No other predictive analytics company out there has it together as much as SmartZip. I love having the marketing and the data on my side."

Ryan Hansen, Idaho Falls, ID

"SmartTargeting is worth the investment. As an agent, you need to do the research to know your area, know what the regular turnover is and stick with it. Farming is long-term you must stick with it to get the immense rewards. I really do believe in SmartZip."

Leah Quintana, Albuquerque, NM