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Get listing predictions in your area
SmartZip just released predicted turnover and commission potential in every neighborhood in the country. Make sure you’re farming the best area in 2018. Check your predictions today.

Check predictions in your farm

We'll walk you through SmartTargeting and show how you can find listing prospects in your area.

The all-in-one SmartTargeting platform

Identify homeowners most likely to sell, and use automated marketing and a smart CRM to close more deals.

Find a territory with high-turnover

Predictive algorithms analyze your local area to find the best untapped market where you can find more listings.

Know who is most likely to sell next

Get industry leading listing predictions in your custom mapped territory and your sphere database.

Focus your efforts on the right people

Optimize your marketing efforts and spend your time wisely each day by knowing who is most likely to sell, and who isn't.

Generate leads with automated marketing

A complete marketing platform promotes your brand across lead capture sites, direct mail, email campaigns, online ads and Facebook ads.

Manage your leads with a smart CRM

Leverage the new CheckIn app to stay on top of your follow up priorities each day.

Be confident knowing we've got your back

You'll have a direct line to a dedicated account team who keeps you on track and successful.

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